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Dear Sista is a sacred collection of anonymously written love, light and liberation letters by Black women and girls in retreat experiences organized by Wonder of Women International (Wonder of Women),  featuring Iconic Black Women Collection images by Hiawatha D.


Dear Sista is inspired by a healing experience created by Wonder of Women’s Founder, Veronica Very. Iconic Black Women images were painted by artist Hiawatha D.


  • Silk Laminate 8.5 X 8.5 Hardcover Coffee Table Book boasting 227 pages bursting with Love, Light and Liberation
  • Featuring vibrant black and white images from the original Iconic Black Women series by renowned artist Hiawatha D.
  • Signed by Visionary Artists Veronica Very & Hiawatha D.
  • Inspiring love letters written by Black women
  • Life changing quotes by Iconic Black Women figures


You can use this book when you feel challenged, need inspiration, motivation or simply when you need a dose of spiritual direction. We’d love to hear your creative ideas on how you’ve decided to use this inspiring collection of love letters in your own way.


Sistas you’ve never met before were asked to write an anonymous love letter to a Sista they themselves wished another Sista would write to them— nothing else. From the most vulnerable place of their heart these beautiful letters were written in workshops and retreats organized by Wonder of Women.


Wonder of Women creates sacred space for Black women and girls to find their voice, stand in their truth and celebrate their wonder by telling their story. For this publication, these letters were edited for grammar and punctuation and embellished for meaning, purpose and point— keeping her main message intact.


For the purpose of this publication we combined inspiring quotes from the women to create a Dear Sista letter inspired by their words. We felt including these powerful women’s visual stories would be empowering to both present and future generations. We believe in the healing power of love, words and art.


All proceeds from this book will be used to create more spaces for healing retreats for Black women and girls of color around the world. Open it up to any random page and let the magic begin.


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